Monday, February 14, 2011

In the beginning...

I'm new to the world of blogging in such a fashion, for many years I have posted on various UK newspaper websites on a wide variety of political topics. As the title of this blog explains I am a contradiction in terms, a Euro-centric Conservative. For many on the Right in British politics I have sold my soul to the devil whom lives in Brussels. Yet not everything has to be so; instead I view my own political leanings as liberal in my assessments of policy both in the UK domestically and its role in the wider world, in particular, Europe. 

Being a postgraduate reading law in a top European university allows me to see things not from the goldfish bowl of the UK and its warped mindset on Europe, but instead more of a rounded slightly philosophical view on things. 

This being the first ever post, I shall keep it tight and instead get ready for my first proper 'commentary'. Subjects here will be diverse, not everything will be political, not everything will be law, and it certainly won't all be on the UK. I love sport, I have a passion for cars and photography. You never know, I may spice things up from time to time!